This therapy is used for successful treatment of sagging skin of face and body, wrinkles, stretch marks, cellulite, etc.

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Radio frequency has in important role in contemporary cosmetology. Aside from the so called radio frequency knives which are used in surgical interventions, radio frequency epilation and mesotherapy, RTL is used for face and body care. This treatment implies the stimulation of collagen and elastin synthesis in the zone which is treated by radio frequency. RTL is harmless and painless treatment which does not require anesthesia. Clients feel mild warmth in combination with pressure similar to a little stronger massage. Besides the lifting effect, this treatment improves skin quality and structure, thus making a similar effect to the one after receiving Botox, except the fact that this treatment does not imply injections and completely preserves the mimics.

RTL devices accumulate heat deep in the dermis (inner layer of the skin) by speeding up bloodstream of the region under treatment- cells feed and breathe, fibroblast is activated, growth of new collagen in tissues is stimulated, and thus skin texture and tone are rapidly improved. Collagen provides structural support to the skin which becomes saggy due to the reduction of function of this precious substance. Energy created by radio frequency immediately straightens contracted collagen spirals, which results in skin tightening. Changes on the skin- smoothness, firmness and freshness- are visible after the treatment or the following day. Next treatment increases firming effect. The number of procedures depends on the complexity of skin problem.

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RTL procedure is very simple. Gel is applied to the region which is to be treated, after which small round electrodes are applied on the surface of face and body. The electrode is cold, as radio frequency energy penetrates into deeper layers of the skin and heats them. Clients feel warmth in the treated region, but do not feel any pain. The procedure lasts for approximately 30 minutes, depending on the surface of the treated skin.

RTL is intended for all clients who wish to make their skin firmer, but do not want to undergo a surgical intervention (there is no age limit to the treatment). The treatment can be applied to face and body. Radio frequency has positive effects on wrinkles and fine lines around eyes, hooded eyes, eye bags, fine lines on forehead and face, saggy cheek and jaw, neck wrinkles, lines on the décolleté, chest, hands, stomach, thighs and even knees. RTL is one of the most successful methods for fighting cellulite and fat. Radio frequency focuses on mesoderm and speeds up metabolic processes thus eliminating liquid and fat captured in subcutaneous tissue. The treatment results in reducing the size of treated body parts and their firming. This is one of the main reasons for recommending this treatment during diets. Additionally, RTL is an exceptional method for preventing skin sagging.

Radio frequency method is not applied at patients with metal implants, such as bypass, pacemaker. However, if one carefully sets up electrode, heart region can be avoided. Nevertheless, the basic rule is that we do nothing to harm one’s health. The use of RTL in cases of collagenosis i.e. connective tissue disease, is not recommended as this disorder is usually autoimmune and requires detailed dermatological examination before the application of RTL.

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