Ingrown nail usually appears in leg fingers and in these cases medical treatment of cutting the ingrown part and granulation formed around it are necessary. Treatment is not painful and there is no bleeding. However, if you have swollen thumbs and inflammation, the doctor will usually first prescribe antibiotics to eliminate inflammation and then process the nail. After softening the ingrown peace of nail with lotion, which also functions as mild anesthetic to the surrounding tissue, nail will be embalmed, i.e. nail edge will be relieved, by means of the escavator. Special scissors will remove hiperceratolitic deposits around nails, and if there is granulation, they will be treated by ceratolitic lotion, because of large cut bleeding. Given that this is a medical pedicure, not pulling out nails, the intervention is made by cutting off ingrown part of nail at a certain angle. Cutting edge is sharp, and as such would further irritate the surrounding tissue. Therefore it is processed by means of special cone lens of rotating augers. This allows the surrounding nail tissue to be regenerated so that the re-growth of nail plate can find its proper path.

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