Dr Vesna A. Ignjatovic-Stojiljkovic is the Director and Leader of the expert team Dr VAIS and the founder of the first CAPILLARY CENTER in the Balkans which has received a worldwide recognition for treating alopecia and other scalp disorders. Originally created, customer tailored anti-age treatments and anti-acne treatments are based on advanced aesthetic medicine methods. Specific methods of treating nail diseases classify Aesthetic Center Dr VAIS not only as “pioneer” of our medical practice, but also as proven “visionary” of contemporary aesthetic medicine.

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The introduction of modern diagnostics procedures, such as dermoscopy and skin scanning, as well as original therapeutic protocols in skin rejuvenations, hair loss treatments and nail deformities, have made Dr VAIS a well-known brand and protected trademark which guarantees high-quality service, guided by the basic postulate of Hippocratic Oath: Help the people!
Continuous training of all employees, determination, perseverance and above all, love for human beings have, for 25 years now, been the essence of success of Dr VAIS company which strives to become one of the leading clinics for aesthetic medicine in Europe.

Vesna A. Ignjatovic – Stojiljkovic, Dr VAIS, was born in Skopje (Macedonia). She finished elementary and secondary school, as well as elementary music school- piano department, with excellent grades, after which she enrolled and graduated from the Faculty of Medicine as a student with scholarship and high grade point average. Mrs. Ignjatovic-Stojiljkovic acquired knowledge in the field of cosmetology and aesthetic medicine in Paris 1985/1986, which made her one of the first medical aestheticians in Europe. She has gained additional professional experience in Rehabilitation center, Institute Niska Banja (Serbia) and in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Department, Clinical Center Nis (Serbia), learning from the best. Ambition, perseverance, pursuit of lifelong learning, as well as desire to bring health and beauty together oriented her to private practice, which she established in 1989. Today she owns several elite aesthetic centers in Serbia and Macedonia:

- I Aesthetic Center Aleksandra in Nis - 1990
- Aesthetic Center Dr VAIS in Kocane - 1999
- Capillary Center Dr VAIS in Belgrade – 2003
- Center for Aesthetic Medical Practice Dr VAIS- Vodno, Skopje – 2005
- Aesthetic Center Dr VAIS in Belgrade – 2009
- Aesthetic Center Aleksandra in Nis – 2011
- Medical Office Aleksandra – Dr VAIS- Skopje – 2012

Dr Vesna A. Ignjatovic – Stojiljkovic (Dr VAIS) has been an active participant in many conferences and fairs (more than 120). She speaks five languages and she has been an associate of well-known cosmetic and medical companies from Tokyo to Rome, and was the organizer of the First Symposium of Aesthetic Medicine in Nis, Serbia in 2003 and many other humanitarian events. Dr Vesna was awarded prestigious recognition of the City of Nis- Statuette of “Empress Theodora” for contribution in the field of aesthetic medicine and promotion of the City of Nis, both home and abroad. In 2015. Dr Vesna was awarded a prestigious title “Best Woman of 21st Century”.

Dr Ignjatovic-Stojiljkovic is a member of many professional organizations, such as:

- The Association of France Medical Aesthetics and anti-age (AFME-aa)
- Medical Association Mondiale
- Les Nouvelles Esthetiques – France

She is the author of “Cosmetics for Men”- book intended for men with hair loss problems. Co-author of the book, Professor Jovan Knajnter, wrote about male sexually transmitted diseases.
Role models in life: parents, who are physicians (father Aleksandar- internal medicine specialist and mother Mirjana – pediatrician)
The source of energy: son Aleksandar and all living beings
Strives to: health and beauty
Means to achieve goal: knowledge, work and love

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