Capillary systems are among the prosthetic capillitium methods. The patient is taken a print of the part of the head which is missing hair and hair sample. Then, we make a system projection, i.e. the hairdo that the patient would like to have in the future. Based on that, patient’s system is hand-made from natural human hair in one of well-known capillary centers. Hair is processed, analyzed according to its characteristics (color, hair thickness, elasticity, curl, etc.), conserved and stored in special chambers under special microclimatic conditions until it is needed for further use. In the same way, samples of your hair are analyzed and their parameters are used for finding hair, the structure of which is almost identical to yours. The system is sent to us from hair bank and then we perform the implantation.

This method is absolutely painless and has no allergic reaction because the installation of the system is not a surgical intervention and the system is not installed in the scalp. The system is easily implanted between your hairs by connecting hairs from the system, i.e. your hairs are mixed with hairs from the system. In places where you lack your hair, we use other methods of fixation and after installing the system, we perform stylization, i.e. we cut and shape a hairdo. From that moment on, you are a person who has hair and very quickly you will start experiencing hair from the system as if it is your own- in the same way as patients with dental prosthetic solutions do not separate the teeth in their jaw to those which are their own and to those which were installed in their jaw- they simply consider all of them as their own. Since your hairs are mixed with hairs from the system, it is absolutely impossible to make a difference if your hair grows from a hair system is not. It is therefore necessary to periodically level the length of hairs.

Also, it is an excellent opportunity to use prophylactic treatment for strengthening connections with the system and various procedures for conserving hair from the system in order to prolong its life. Therefore, after installing the system you get the kind and length of hair you want- its quality and duration is entirely up to you. If you look after your hair, it will last for years (do not forget that hair is 24-7, non-stop on your head- while you work, do sports, swim, sleep, etc.). During this time, the functions of the head skin are completely preserved and undisturbed, i.e. sweat and sebaceous gland channels are passable and your hair can grow normally.


kapilarni sistemi

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