Due to physiological process of ageing, often pathological changes, diseases, medical treatment, the elderly individuals face numerous changes on scalp skin and hair which result in hair thinning.

Reduction of hair density or hair loss at both female and male population may cause aesthetic disorders, as well as psychological and health problems.

During the ageing process, melanocyte reduces activities, gray hairs appear, number of thin and medium hairs is increased, while the percentage of thick hairs is reduced. Additionally, follicles age in terms of inactivation and involution, and thus stop making new hair as large number of follicles is in telogen phase.

Dr VAIS centers use scannerscop device with various types of lenses to determine vital potential of capillitium and clearly differentiate active, latent and atrophic follicle. Clear definition of hair thinning stadium, as well as changes on the scalp skin (fatty changes, inflammation reactions, dandruff, etc.) are clear guidelines for determining individual therapeutic and rejuvenating methods.

Ageing process cannot be stopped, but adequate nutritive and physical treatments can reactivate the phase of hair growth and regain the loss hair quality. The use of SOFT laser, as well as PDT-LED phototherapy, is important for making active follicle from latent follicle. Scalp skin mesotherapy and Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) are also used with for rejuvenation. There are various prosthetic options which can be of help to those individuals whose scalp skin condition cannot be significantly improved. SMH, capillary prosthesis and systems can considerably improve the look of self-confidence of individuals who are facing hair loss.


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