a) AUXIDIL TRICOGENO EXTRA FORTE + CRESCIONE – Tricogene oxidil extra strong + krstovnik (crescione)

b) AUXIDIL TRICOATIVO EXTRA FORTE + CRESCIONE CON INTEGRATORI VITAMINICI – Trico active ixyd extra strong+ krstovnik (crescione) with vitamin fill

auxidilSuper intensive oxidil treatments against hair loss, which strongly stimulate hair follicles, contain auxine tricogene algae extract, plant extract krstovnik (crescione), strong hair re-growth stimulators, dandelion, yarrow, nettle, wheat and complex vitamin B5, B6 and vitamin E which is responsible for normal growth and development of newly formed hair. Modern biotechnology and vitamin cap in the lid allow activation of these two components immediately before application, which maximizes the efficiency of all active substances. If combined with laser biostimulation, this powerful hair growth stimulator is ideal for all types of alopecia treatments.

AXIL BIOCUR - Aksil biokur

axilNew treatment of hair loss is based on new synergistic formula which offers efficient, long-lasting and natural way of fighting against hair loss and leads to rapid and radical hair re-growth. Intensive treatment is based on B vitamin group (panthenol- B5, bedoxin- B6), proteins, collagen, herbal extracts, dandelion, yarrow, chicory, 20 amino acids, menthol, minerals (magnesium) and substances which, in high concentrations, stimulate the nucleus. Treatment implies substances which effectively and quickly penetrate the skin and reach hair root core, located in the dermis, and, as transporters, help in the process of depositing active nutrients necessary for the hair formation and its re- growth.


Renokin shampoo - Hair revitalizing shampoo

Clinically proven formula which makes hair longer, thicker and healthier. Designed to stimulate and strengthen hair and scalp condition, creating healthy environment for hair restoration.

Renokin - Hair revitalizing solution

Chemical changes of polypeptide chains which produce sable and efficient molecules for scalp cell stimulation and follicle health improvement. Active components make hair lush, fuller and lustrous. Stabilized double-layered encapsulation system help active ingredients be absorbed thoroughly in the scalp.



Dermaheal Shampoo and conditioner

Cleans the scalp and hair, thus providing healthy environment for hair re-growth. Increases hair volume and gives lustrous hair.

Dermaheal Concentrated hair lotion

Provides care and nurtures the scalp, hair and hair root.



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