a) OLIO DI SEMI DI LINO-CON RISCIACQUO-OLIO – Linseed oil, rinsing necessary – oily

b) OLIO DI SEMI DI LINO-CON RISCIACQUO-BLUE – Linseed oil, rinsing necessary- blue

olio di semiNatural concentrate which regenerates, restructures and re-strengthens the scalp, giving volume and shine thanks to the combination of vitamin F and many essential oils: flax oil, chamomile, wheat, castor oil, vizon, avocado, soybean oil, etc. This combination provides immediate improvement of hair quality and appearance. It is especially recommended for chemically treated hair (mini-wave, painting, blanch, and hair damaged by sea salt, sun, chlorine, wind, dry air or sand). The combination of oils provides the perfect balance and hydrolipid on the surface of the skin and hair itself.

OLIO DI SEMI DI LINO-SENZA RISCIACQUO – Linseed oil, no rinsing necessary- dark.

olio di semi 2These ampoules are rich in linseed oil, vitamin B5, B6 and collagen, and as thus are recommended for rapid restructuring and vitaminizing of dry and damaged hair.

a) BETA CAROTENE E COLLAGENE - Beta carotene and collagen (yellow)

b) BETA CAROTENE E COLLAGENE-BRUSHING - Beta carotene and collagen which gives volume and smooths hair (pink)

beta karoteneThe combination of beta carotene from carrot extract, vitamins B5, B6 and collagen are indispensable for revitalization and rehydration of lifeless and drained hair.

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