EMBRIONI RICCI DI MARE – sea urchin embryos

embrioni ricci di mareAmpoules and shampoo based on sea urchins clean extract and shrimps have strong regenerative effect on hair follicle, thus acting against dandruff and hair loss. The embryonic extract, with strong and bioactive effect on capillitium, comes from the sea depth which is considered to be environmentally purest sphere, and thus its application in the treatment of many diseases related to hyper sensitive skin of hairy part of the head is absolute hit the world. In the eastern countries (Japan, China, etc.) this refreshing and energizing tonic is known as a type of caviar and is used for its regenerative and revitalizing effects in many skin disease treatments (wounds, pimples, crusts, quick healing and relieving irritations and damage, etc.).
2. PAPA REALE – royal jelly, zen-sen and papaya

PAPA REALE - Matična mleč sa dodatkom žen-šena i papaje

papa realeRoyal jelly with the addition of Zen-Sen provides regenerative hair loss treatment, as it affects the core of the hair and protects germinative papilla against aging. Further remarkable effects on the general appearance of the scalp result in normalization of sebaceous gland hypersecretion, thus creating better environment for stem roots. Papa Reale normalizes sebaceous secretion, protects body and gives hair softness and tenderness. Due to the presence of keratin and glycerin, the existing hair retains its shape for longer period of time. Papaya extract protects from free radicals which are the main causes of skin aging.

PLACENTA - Placenta

placentaShampoo and ampoules of vegetative placenta obtained from biostimulative germs contain herbs which have a strong revitalizing effect and increase cellular activation at the level of hair follicles and skin tissue. Additionally, this extract, hydroglycerin solution, estrogen and gestagen free, has seboregulatory effect and is therefore commonly used for treating hair loss caused by excessive secretion of sebaceous glands (seborrhea), with the appearance of dandruff. The presence of keratin and glycerin help your hair maintain desired shape, i.e. hairdo for a long period of time.

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