Due to the presence of active herbal substances of nettle, which is rich in fatty acids, vitamins and mineral salts, this compound is an efficient hair root stimulator. Aside from nettle extract, which stimulates local circulation and is important for mineralization and nutrition, ampoules contain thyme which cleans the skin of the head, horse chestnut which strengthens vein walls, sage and rosemary which act anti-inflammatory and regulate sebaceous glands, menthol and camphor which stimulate circulation and slightly cool the capillitium.


quercia marina

Coastal Oak is a national name for Common Algae (Fucus vesiculosus), which grows on the northern shores of the Atlantic and Pacific. It contains thick mucus which, as soluble organic protein, absorbs the excess fat from the surface of the scalp. Silicon has high resistance and, together with other protein components, forms a special blend that hair easily absorbs. High protein concentration of brown algae solves most critical cases of hair damaged by frequent chemical treatments or atmospheric agents, as it enables optimal absorption with immediate restructuring effect. It contains antistatic, silicone, facilitates combing, gives volume, prevents damage to hair which is exposed to mechanical means, such as comb or brush, leaving a very thin, almost invisible film on the surface of hair, which has restructuring effect and keeps hair in shape for 10-15 days. These vials contain nettle extract which stimulates and strengthens hair root, propolis which regulates anti-sebaceous glands, collagen and urea which maintain moisture of skin and hair.

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