The scalp consists of:

- growing hair (anagen phase which lasts for 3-6 years)

- dying hair (katagen phase of hair cessation which lasts about 3 weeks)

- falling gout hair, up to 100 hairs a day (telogen phase of rest and falling out which lasts for 2-6 months)

New hair, which grows 0,3 mm per day in normal conditions, grows instead of the hair which has fallen out. Therefore, 25 cycles, i.e. hair generations grow from one follicle. However, from puberty onwards, qualitative and quantitative life of the hair is shortened as a result of negative effects of endogenous and exogenous factors.

The aim of mesotherapy is to improve the quality of the growing hair and extend its life. The number of hair which is falling out will be significantly less than the number of growing hair of excellent quality, which will improve hair density and cover the scalp, without increasing the number of hairs in anagen phase. Simply said, keratinocyte is stimulated to produce keratin, thus increasing hair diameter, as well as hair density. Moreover, if ampoule treatment or mesotherapy are accompanied by laser of LED biostimulation, then mitochondria receive the energy necessary for normal hair metabolism. In ideal conditions (hygiene + nutrition + energy + protection) the entire vital potential of the scalp is activated with the aim of creating “ideal” hair, on case by case basis, all depending on scanner results from the beginning of the treatment. This actually means that at atrophic and cicatricial, i.e. scarring alopecia, which is characterized by hair root destruction, initiation of new hair growth by medical-physical procedure is not possible.

In other cases of hair loss, regardless of the causes, if scanner results are positive, i.e. if the scalp has vital potential (latent and active follicle, as well as hairs in growing phase) mesotherapy is the most efficient solution for hair revitalization and growth. Exceptional results are achieved at alopecia areata, hair loss after delivery and in lactation period, as well as at other forms of telogen effluvium (hair falling out in autumn, stress, strict diets, etc.). Mesotherapy is an integral part of postoperative rehabilitation of the scalp after hair transplantation. The treatment starts 30 days after the surgery thus securing adequate nutrition and development of transplanted follicles. Intensive treatment lasts for about 6 months. Depending on the condition, recommended number of treatments is 6-8, all based on 4+4 formula. This means that the first four treatments are carried out each 15 days, while the remaining treatments are carried out each month. After the completion of the treatment, patients are advised one treatment each 3-4 months.

“Mezohair“ or “Mezopecia“ is carried out by manual injection of cocktail (gun is rarely used) by means of 10cc syringe and 276-0,4 x 4mm needle using multi-puncture superficial technique. The intervention is painless and bloodless. As AQ points are stimulated, we may freely say that the treatment is relaxing as well.

Mesohair cocktail with 2% procaine in Conjonctyl base has been used in France for more than 25 years.

Biotin (vit. B8) stimulates hair follicle growth and development, and is anti-seborrheic.

Bepanten (Dexpanthenol, vit.B5 or acid pantothenique) is necessary for epithelial development and regeneration, as well as for hydro-lipid protection of the skin.

Procain (Procaine chlorhydrate) provides vasodilation and nutrition, i.e. revitalization of follicle by means of nutrients.

Conjonctyl (monomethyltrisilanol orthohydroxybenzoate de sodium) has strong trophic effect on connective tissue.

After “mezohair“ intervention, patients are advised to continue LED lamp treatment which gives follicle the necessary energy for normal hair metabolism.

Patients should avoid washing hair or shaving head 12 hours after the treatment. Additionally, patients should avoid swimming pools and chemical procedures (hair dyeing, permanent waves, etc.).

The first results can be seen after 2 months. Positive signs of stimulation can be seen on scanner after only 30 days, i.e. after 2 treatments.

Clinical tests have shown that “mezohair“ is the most efficient way of inserting active substances on hair follicle level. This is the shortest and safest way to regain lost hair, as well as patients’ self-confidence which sometimes depends on our appearance.

The proposed “mezohair“ cocktail has been approved and accepted by AFME-AA, Aesthetic Association of France, whose member is Dr Vesna A. Ignjatovic-Stojiljkovic (Dr VAIS). For more information on mesotherapy at hair loss, visit: ovde...

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