Revolutionary approach to camouflage solution for thinning hair problems!

Easy use of SMH fibers, which, under the influence of electrostatic charges, are glued to the hair just like needles on fir branch, and fixation solution with HINOKITIOL which stimulates hair re-growth, enable incredibly natural look of “thick” hair.

Revolutionary approach to solving the problem of your thinning hair!

Fixator neutralizes electrostatic charge, holding firmly to the hair fibers, making them resistant to wind, rain and so on.





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SMH is dermatologically tested and does not cause allergic reactions. SMH fiber does not damage the structure of your hair or irritate the scalp. These are very fine hairs, artificially fragmented to 0.3 - 0,5 mm, so that the fibers are soft, gentle, natural and safe to the maximum, even when they come into contact with the eyes or mouth (it is enough to rinse them with water). SMH does not stain or get dirty. If you spill SMH on your clothes, just gently shake them. If you keep it in a dark, dry place, SMH has an unlimited shelf life. It is available in 11 different natural hair colors: black, dark brown, light brown, fawn, blue, white, etc. (You will definitely find the one that suits your client).

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