Surface layer of the skin, i.e. stratum corneum which consists of the dead cells is crucial for external look of our skin. If the external layer is thick, the skin seems tired and old. If the layer is thinner, the skin looks fresher and younger. Therefore, one needs to remove thick external layer of the skin at least once a month. This cosmetic procedure is called peeling and it is carried out by means of substances, mixtures or devices. Peelings can be divided in the following groups: mechanical, chemical and biological. Ultrasonic peeling is mechanical procedure which uses a device to remove the dead layer of the skin in a mild, non-irritating way which makes it ideal for dry, dehydrated skin and skin with broken capillaries which cannot accept any other type of peeling except for ultrasonic and biological.

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Being subject to infections and redness, oily and problematic skin require the use of ultrasonic peeling after classic mechanical peeling which can be carried out manually, by frimators, abrader and other peeling techniques.

Ultrasonic peeling is carried out by special electrodes- spatulas:

- trapezoid, frequency of 25 kHz for strong peeling of face and body
- cube, frequency of 28 kHz for moderate peeling of face and body.

Ultrasonic bracelet is fixed to the client’s wrist, thus making a circuit. By setting up the voltage, electrical, i.e. voltage induction method is used for conducting very low voltage electricity into Your body thus cleaning impurities and residue from cosmetic products from the surface of Your skin by means of desincrustation.

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Due to strong vibrations, ultrasonic spatula causes fine molecularization of liquid by turning it into steam which penetrates deep into the skin, removes comedones and removes disintegrated dead cells on the surface of the skin in the form of sprinkling steam.

Ultrasonic peeling is an ideal method for cleaning acne. It can be repeated every day for remedying inflammation and extracting whiteheads through the existing openings on the skin.
After ultrasonic skin peeling, the removed dead cells, as well as skin impurities can be seen if we immerse the probe in a glass of water.

Ampoule of hyaluronic acid is used for skin hydration after ultrasonic peeling. Active substances penetrate into deeper layers of the skin by changing the polarity of ultrasonic peeling. This technique is called ultrasonic spatula “tightening”.

Ultrasonic pulse waves revitalize the skin and turn hydrant ampoule into steam which penetrated deep into the skin.

Ultrasonic treatments offer long-term and visible results, because they simultaneously improve epidermis hydration, stimulate connective tissue, increase blood and lymph microcirculation, and recover muscle tissue tone.

Therefore, indications for applying ultrasonic treatment are numerous: acne, wrinkles, cellulite, spots, stretch marks, etc.

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