Mesoporation is a treatment which uses alternating current of specific frequency to insert bioactive substance, which cannot be applied deeper into mesoderm by using classical methods. During the application of classical methods or using biological treatment, only 10% of active substances penetrate into deeper layers of the skin. Additionally, it is well known that specific bioactive substances have large molecular structures and cannot penetrate the skin. No needle mesotherapy, i.e. mesoporation, increases the absorption of active substances (hyaluronic acid, collagen, vitamins and other biostimulants) by 99% at depth of 2 cm, i.e. by 65% at depth of 6 cm, which gives numerous possibilities in the field of aesthetic treatment.
Mesoporation treatment is recommended to clients aged from 20 to 70. Cocktail content is adjusted to client’s type of skin. Treatment duration is 15-20 minutes and we recommend series of 4 treatments once a week for achieving best results.

Mechanism of action:

Cell membrane consists of double lipid layer which separates cytoplasm (where all processes of chemical decomposition of nutrients and creation of energy necessary for cell functions and activities occur) from external environment. Molecules may pass through lipid cell membrane by diffusion in accordance with strictly defined biochemical and electrophysiological conditions. This double layer consists of “protein pores” and “hydrophilic channels” which enable the passage of small molecules and ions through cell membrane which cannot generally be penetrated. Several years ago, it was discovered that these “channels” can be activated, i.e. opened for a short period of time, as well as extended via specific physical impulses which act on the cell by special procedure called electroporation.
Electroporation is a phenomena induced by the action of specifically defined electric pulses on the membrane. These pulses generate temporary hydrophilic (water) channels-mesopores- so that active substances such as cosmetic products or medications may penetrate the cell.


No needle mesotherapy (mesoporation) is the best and most contemporary alternative to classic mesotherapy. The treatment is excellent for clients who are afraid of needles and who want to solve the problem of sagging skin, wrinkles, acne, marks, cellulite and stretch marks. Mesoporation is a process which enables penetration of active matter into the tissues at depth which is equivalent to mesotherapy injections.


Mesotherapy treatment is based on 4 modules, electroporation, i.e. mesoporation being one of the most important factors for understanding the entire process. Electromagnetic field is created under the influence of pulsed alternating current. This results in creation of temporary water channels- mesopores in protective lipid layer between epidermis and dermis, which enables penetration of active matters in deeper layers of the skin.




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