Body composition is determined by bioelectrical impedance with the aid of InBody composition analyzer which offers detailed information on the quantity and correlation between specific types of tissues within an organism. Using a special method of reactivity analysis, the system uses 6 different frequencies through 5 body segments in order to obtain overall values, differentiate each body segment and mutual correlations between the segments.
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Based on quantitative-qualitative features of tissue electrical conductivity it is possible to determine precise quantity and distribution of fat and muscle tissue, total amount of water, correlation between intracellular and extracellular liquid, quantity of proteins and minerals for the entire body or its parts.

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Aside from the stated indicators, bioelectrical impedance offers information on phase angle of energy flow through the cells, endemic structures (swelling), various body indexes, energy consumption while at rest (basal metabolism), correlation between the left and right side of the body and amount of visceral fat. This type of testing is very important, especially for children and athletes who need to test development of bone, muscle and fat tissue in the stage of rapid body growth and development, since unprofessional treatment can cause negative effects and often permanent damage to locomotor apparatus and metabolism.

Obtained data enable precise programming of nutrition regime and adjustment to specific programs.


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