Introduction of state-of-the-art procedures has made Dr VAIS worldwide recognized center for diagnosing skin, hair and nail problems. Expert team of medical doctors and healthcare workers has carried out original therapy procedures for skin rejuvenation, hair loss problems and nail deformations for many years.

Nowadays, medical doctors and medical centers which deal with skin problems do not rely only on clinical examinations, but also use devices for visualizing changes on and within the skin. Aside from skin examination by state-of-the-art diagnostic device- scannerscop with lenses enlarging up to 650 x, DR VAIS centers have introduced DIGITAL DERMOSCOPY with software analysis. This is painless and non-invasive method with accuracy of 92-99%. The method is used for early detection of melanoma, skin cancer, moles and other pigment changes on the skin. Digital dermoscopy is carried out by specialized instrument which provides microscopic image, as well as digital record. The record is used for analyzing specific morphological structures not visible to the eye, which is essential for setting up a proper diagnosis. In this way, we can differentiate between melanotic and non-melanotic changes, and make further differentiation within these groups of changes. Digital dermoscopy calculates total dermoscopic score which represents a relative assessment of the character of the change, and thus defines its “destiny” i.e. monitoring or eliminating. The records are kept for a specific period of time and then compared to new records. If necessary, records can be sent to an expert who can offer his opinion, all with the aim of setting up the most precise diagnosis.

The case of melanoma, one of the most malign human tumors, has significantly increased throughout the world in the past two decades. One of the characteristics of melanoma which has given it “bad reputation” is its unpredictable behavior, as it can occur in the form of a harmless skin mole which looks like a wart, keratosis, small wound, etc. Therefore, it is essential to see all the changes. Small and painless changes are not to be ignored. Primary prevention of skin tumor implies proper protection from the sun and avoidance of solariums, having in mind that the skin remembers and records each moment that one has been exposed to the sun. Such records cannot be erased. Therefore, one needs to take all precaution measures since early childhood.

digitalna dermoskopijakompjuterska digitalna dermoskopija


After puberty period, all individuals, individuals who have a lot of moles, individuals with light complexion, fair hair and eyes, as well as easily sunburnt individual should do the examination. Please check all moles which change the form, size, color, are painful or itching. Pay special attention to skin changes which have occurred after the age of twenty and forty, changes which are not similar to other changes, very dark moles, as well as any other mole that worries you. Dermoscopy is of crucial importance for those individuals who have suffered from melanoma, as well as for the members of their family.

Even though the basic aim of dermoscopy is early detection of melanoma, this method is very important for observing the general condition of the skin and its adnexa: hair, sebaceous glands and nails, and thus has a significant role in capillitology, cosmetology and podology.
Trichoscopy offers a detailed insight in the form and color of the hair, its surface appearance and possible breaks. Additionally, it offers information on structure and enables differentiation between normal and abnormal hair. Dermoscopy analysis of capillitium, follicle and follicle opening provides information on the presence of inflammation, dandruff, sebum clogs in follicle openings, fungus infection or chemical damage of the hair and skin.

Dermoscopy is of crucial importance for cosmetology as it offers the possibility of analyzing deeper layers of the skin. Observation of vascular structures, sebaceous glands and inflammation processes while still in progress enables better diagnostics of acne, rosacea, seborrheic dermatitis and other skin conditions.

Dermoscopy is also used for observing a nail, its surface, edges and subungual area, which is crucial for detecting anomalies in nail growth or form, presence of infections, vascular or pigment changes.

The basic task of each medical doctor is to prevent and detect pathological changes at very early stage, when the possibility of treatment and eliminating a disease is the highest. Therefore, the use of dermoscopy device is mandatory, as this is the only way experienced medical doctors can see what a naked eye can never see.


mladež - klinički izgled i dermoskopija  mladež - klinički izgled i dermoskopija


melanom - klinički izgled i dermoskopija melanom - klinički izgled i dermoskopija

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