Modern techniques which use precise podology instruments have become essential means of solving numerus problems of foot and toenail problems. Satisfied clients have become messengers who made this procedure popular and favorite. Luckily, surgical interventions have become the thing of the past.

Instruments which are specially designed to solve the problems of ingrown nails provide incision and extraction of the part of the toenail which grows into the surrounding tissue in just a few seconds. This painless procedure brings instant relief to all patients. Having in mind that there is no “tissue cutting and sewing”, the patients can continue their daily activities immediately after the treatment. The procedure does not include nail root manipulation or change of the direction of nail growth and form, which minimizes the chance of new ingrown nail occurrence. Treatment duration depends on numerous factors, most of all on problem complexity, problem duration, previous interventions, patient’s profession, discipline during the therapy, etc.

Bunions and warts are eliminated in layers. In case of plantar warts, medical treatment is accompanied by electrofulguration, i.e. radio frequency or Cryopen cryotherapy. These procedures use high or low temperature that destroys the cells infected by human papillomavirus which causes the disease. Depending on the complexity and wart depth, the treatment is repeated on several occasions. Bunions are usually eliminated after one or two treatments.

All podology procedures are non-invasive and are carried out by medical doctors. As such, the treatments can be applied to all age categories and conditions (diabetes, pregnancy, etc.).


podoloske procedure 01

podoloske procedure 02

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