Laser biostimulation is part of LAVA – LED physical procedure and original Dr VAIS method which has been successfully applied for stimulating hair growth in Dr VAIS centers in Belgrade, Nis and Skopje in the past 25 years.

The effects of biostimulative laser are undeniable. Its mechanism is associated with redistribution of electromagnetic fields and cell electric charges. Laser energy absorption by the tissues, cells and intracellular structures, as well as its conversion into thermal, mechanical and electrochemical energy of photochemical processes is the basis for understanding the effect of laser radiation. All this affects the biophysical and biochemical procedures in the human organism as a whole. PHOTOBIOLOGICAL EFFECT (photoexcitation) is caused by selective effect of the laser beam on the molecule, and as a result, its effect on sensitivity of photochemical reactions. A large number of clinical trials have studied biological effects of lasers on metabolic reactions. Modern discoveries have confirmed that the effect of SOFT laser is activating processes in cells and tissues, increasing synthesis of nucleic acids and glucosamine, as well as synthesizing and utilizing glycogen. A number of enzymes also show increased enzyme activity.

Dr VAIS’s professional work on biostimulative laser has been presented at many medical and pharmaceutical conferences and has attracted interest even of the famous Paris clinics where Dr VAIS, as a member of the French Association of Aesthetic Medicine (AFME), is on constant professional education. The most important therapeutic effects of SOFT laser are: analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antiedematosis, biochemical, bioenergy, biostimulative, increasing immunity, increasing and accelerating mitotic division, increasing production of DNA and RNA, enhancing the transformation of ADP to ATP (the phenomenon of charging batteries), enhancing phagocytosis, improving intercellular exchange, etc.

Many years of experience have been of crucial importance for Dr VAIS to set up the principles and criteria for using laser biostimulation for hair re-growth in various pathological conditions.

laserska biostimulacija

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